Standaard XM2


XM2-LP generic GSM module
Autonomous battery-operated telemetry module

The Mobeye XM2-LP GSM modules are state-of-the-art telemetry modules for every user. With great ease of operation, many options and simple programming the XM2-LP modules point the way to many applications.

The unique low-power XM2-LP module works completely autonomous. The unit is battery-fed and can implement actions via inputs and time controlled events. The module is applicable for system integrators to be used as alarm system, autodialler or for various measurements like temperature, power failure or liquid level.

The module can be easily programmed via SMS. The modules can be operated with the modules of a keypad, or at a distance via telephonic call (free of charge) or SMS.
Autonomous, flexible and with many options !

The XM2-LP module operates completely battery-operated on 4 lithium CR123 batteries. No external power supply or telephone line is required. If connected to a 9-32 VDC power supply (or mains via an adapter), the GSM module will be open all the time, able to receive SMS commands. If the power falls away, a power failure alarm can be sent, after which the GSM module will close again. If an alarm situation happens, it will open again and establish network connection, in order to send an alarm notification.

The XM2-LP basic module has two inputs and two outputs (relays).
Actions are programmed simply whereby every trigger can lead to several events.
The reports may go to selected telephone numbers.

Examples of actions
- reports on triggered inputs per SMS and/call
- reinstatement reports by SMS and/or call
- power failure and repair reports
- switching of the output relays on alarm (on/off or time period)
- switching of the output relays on reinstatement reports (on/off or time period)
- test reports on chosen frequencies
- battery low reports

Specifications XM2-LP basic module
- dimensions 90*145*45 mm
- battery life > 1 year on 1 (test) report per day
- environment temperature -10 C - + 55 C
- 2 inputs (N O/N C)
- 2 output relays
- Quad band EGSM 900/1800/950/ 1900 MHz
- Housing and keypad optional

Programming : via SMS
Operation : via keypad

Examples of applications
- access control
- process guarding
- temperature detector and thermostat function
- power failure
- horticulture and irrigation
- various measurements
- alarm system
- etc.

The XM2-LP modules are also available in “extended versions”, with many extra inputs and outputs and more extensive software versions. Please contact Mobeye for specifications.

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