Generic GSM telemetry modules

Through various inputs and outputs the generic GSM modules can measure, regulate and report. By adjusting for various events the modules are flexibly applicable as alarm, sensor, door lock etc.
With the 12 Volt version XM2 apparatuses can be managed with the batteries acting as back-up current provision.
The low power version XM2-LP is completely independent of external current provision and runs for a long time on one set of batteries. With the time- or sensor triggers alarm reports and actions can be implemented.

The compact CM21 module is equipped with two NO/NC inputs as standard module and an on/off button for arming. For special projects the CM21 has an output, temperature sensor and analogue input. It is possible to run the CM21 on batteries or 12VDC power supply.

The Mobeye GSM modules are universal and specially made for many different purposes. The ultra low power design makes the GSM modules unique. In active modus the modules use less than 50 microA. Various input and output options make the modules suitable for alarm functions, switch on/off functions, measuring, logging, data storage and transmission, remote control and auto-dialer functions. As option the units can report to and be programmed by the web-based portal.

Available modules
- CM21 (12VDC or battery operated)
- XM2 (12V with back-up battery)
- XM2-LP (battery operated)
- XM2+ and CM21+ (OEM modules with add-on functions)

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