CM21 compact GSM telemetry module

Battery operated or powered by an external power supply

The Mobeye CM21 GSM module is unique, versatile and powerful.
The CM21 telemetry module can fully run on batteries; the alarm inputs are monitored continuously, as are the batteries. It is also possible to send test messages ('keep alive'). As soon as an alarm message needs to be sent, the GSM module establishes network connection and sends the SMS messages and calls.

The CM21 module can run on batteries or any 12VDC power supply. Using external power supply the batteries function as back-up supply. In this way the absence of power supply can be monitored as well. Upon a power failure, an alarm message is sent.

The two inputs can be set as NO or NC contact. The module is very appropriate for system integrators to be used as alarm system, autodialler, or for several measurements like temperature, power failure, water fluid detection, etc.

The module is easy to program via SMS messages. As accessory an eclosure including on/off button and LED indicator is available.

Unique, universal and powerful in a compact design!

In an easy way the action-reaction patterns can be programmed, by which each trigger can lead to (several) reactions. The messages can be sent to programmable telephone numbers.

Examples of settings:
- after acivation of inputs, send messages per SMS and/or call
- messages after power failure/restore
- restore messages for the inputs per SMS and/or call
- test messages with self-defined frequency
- battery-low messages

Examples of applications:
- process monitoring
- temperature detector and thermostat function
- agriculture and irrigation
- several measurements
- alarm system
- etc.

The CM21 module serves as a good basis for 'OEM' products; also analogue inputs and open collector outputs can be used. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your application.

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