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Mobeye inside: water management with autonomous weir monitoring
In close cooperation CB Flevo developed the The Greenbox consists of a motor with measurement and control, which fits standard weirs. The sensors are connected via GPRS to a web portal where the water boards read current data, set the desired water level and can perform management. The unit is powered by solar panels. The Mobeye share covers the complete measurement and control technique including GPRS communication.

Airport Singapore: notifications upon the opening of AED cabinet
Airport Singapore has chosen to place AED cabinets throughout the airport that can be accessed by anyone. Once this happens, an internal (battery powered) Mobeye module warns the medical staff the airport. Through a clever combination of text messages and calls to the emergency services, medical specialists can be on site quickly. The bespoke variant of the Mobeye XM2 also sends regular test messages to a special data logger.

Mobeye opens the AED cabinet in case of emergency
The GSM telemetry modules Mobeye are part of the theft and vandal proof AED cabinets Sixcase. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are used to resuscitate victims of cardiac arrest. The cabinets can be connected to the AED-Alert service in the Netherlands. The closed AED alert box ensures that the unit is normally stored safely. When a cardiac arrest is reported these cabinets near the victim are automatically released by the 112 emergency room and opened for a quarter of an hour. Then the cabinet is locked automatically. In addition, the Mobeye module provides the temperature in the cabinet and monitors the operation of the cabinet by several regular controls.

Security of medical freezers
If an average freezer fails the damage is limited to some food. In freezers for industrial applications, the value is quickly hundreds of thousands. It is important to keep an eye on the failure signals, the power supply and temperature. The company Snijders Scientific Tilburg is manufacturer of high quality freezers. Mobeye technology gives an extra quality to the brand. By integrating the GSM telemetry modules with freezers, temperature and power supply is monitored. Upon a failure the manager gets reports by telephone.

Mobeye technology inside

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