Bespoke solutions, customer specific and OEM

Mobeye offers standard GSM solutions with a high degree of technology. This technology is also available for specific customer solutions, solutions that are developed in close cooperation with our customers.

Mobeye specializes in high quality GSM / GPRS alarm and telemetry technology. With its own product line and customer specific developments Mobeye offers solutions to measure, remotely control, log and report. Mobeye products can run stand-alone or in combination with an internet portal (Internet of Things, IOT).
Mobeye products are characterized by flexibility in configuration, reliability and extreme low power consumption.
By choosing uniform software and hardware platforms with a high degree of modularity, Mobeye has technology in house, which provides a solid basis for customer-specific developments. The telemetry modules have various functions for reading sensors, the (possibly remote) control of devices and the logging and reporting via GSM or GPRS. Additional hardware components are easily integrated via the present interfaces. With an experienced in-house R&D department, hardware and software adjustements can made in a cost efficient way, even for small series.

For the management of units, programming, transmitting alarms, retrieving of log data etc., Mobeye provides an internet portal server and management environment, communicating with the GSM / GPRS modules. If desired, a customer specific internet portal is possible. Interfaces for data transfer to local servers are available.

Do you have a specific question for which standard solutions are not suitable? With our GSM technology, low-power hard- and software design and access via GSM, we readily take up the challenge to arrive at an approriate solution with you.

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