The Mobeye Argos is the 'bigger brother' to the succesful Mobeye i110; explore the extensive capabilities!

Intruder alarm TemperatuuralarmControl: arming and disarming Battery operated or external powerEasy set-up in 3 steps Easy configuration and lots op optionsExtra inputs and outputs Mobeye Internet Portal

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The Mobeye Argos was awarded a place in the SME Innovation Top 2014

                      Mobeye Argos

complete all-in-one intrusion alarm system

Argos_links_175The Mobeye Argos is a powerful and innovative alarm system which has many applications. It is battery-operated, has an integrated movement sensor, a GSM dialer and is easy to use. The Mobeye Argos offers the user more -very useful- functions. Please find here a selection of the specifications:

  • intrusion alarm; as soon as the motion sensor detects a movement, the built-in GSM dialer will send alarm messages
  • temperature alarm; will be sent as soon as the ambient temperature exceeds the set temperature limits
  • silent or loud alarm (deterrent effect) at intrusion alarm
  • listen-in function at intrusion alarm
  • battery operated or mains powered
  • arm and disarm with code, time-based or remotely (when powered externally)
  • additional sensors can be connected to the two inputs
  • control of devices via the relays outputs
  • alarm messages directly to user-defined numbers, or via the Mobeye Internet Portal
  • test messages ('keep alive')
  • Explore all features of the Mobeye Argos and discover how it helps you!
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