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Self-contained Mobeye Outdoor Alarm - CMVXI-R

Reliant site security, flexible in use

The Mobeye Outdoor alarm is flexible and ideal for outdoor areas and places where other detectors are prone to false alarms. The Mobeye Outdoor Alarm detects intruders in an early stage. For construction sites, industrial sites, gardens, driveaways, farms, drafty halls, etc.

Detection and alarm with the Mobeye Outdoor Alarm is simple and reliable. The detector contains two sensors. These work independently of each other. Only if both upper and lower sensor simultaneously detect a movement, the alarm is generated. If the alarm is not turned off within the entry delay time, the preset numbers receive an SMS alarm message followed by a phone call (max. 5 numbers).

- Optex Infinity serie VXI-R
- integrated Mobeye GSM communication module
- integrated tag reader
- 12 * 12 meter detection (adjustable from 2,5 meter, in 5 steps)
- adjustable angle (90 degrees or less)
- silent alarm via SMS/call, optionally e-mail
- alarm to max. 5 contact persons
- arming and disarming via tags or user-defined time schemes
- batteries: 2* CR123 included (lifetime 1 year at normal use)
- 2 tags included (already enrolled)
- larget batterypack available
- option: Mobeye Internet Portal
- other versions based on Optex Infinity serie possible


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