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Security made easy

The alarm systems of Mobeye offer a neat and clear solution for any security problem. With the all-in-one Mobeye alarm systems you can start right away. The built-in motion detector preceives every uninvited guest. The GSM detector passes its reports to your telephone number(s) or via the monitoring center. And above all the compact system runs on one set of batteries. For over a year!

Explore the Mobeye all-in-one GSM alarm systems:

- Mobeye i110
All-in-one GSM alarm system with integrated PIR movement sensor, temperature sensor and GSM dialer. Works on batteries for a long time, gives a silent or loud alarm and notifies burglar and temperature alarm to the (max. two) preset phone numbers. Explore Mobeye i110.

- Mobeye Argos
Complete all-in-one GSM alarm system. In addition to all the features of the Mobeye i110, it offers a lot of additional functionality. Works long-term on batteries or external voltage. It reports alarm messages to (max.) 5 phone numbers and allows the recipient to listen to the sounds surrounding the alarm system (listen-in). With two additional inputs and outputs, it offers the possibility of additional sensors and control of devices. Can arm and disarm based on a time scheme, be controlled from remote and more! Explore the Mobeye Argos.

- Mobeye Outdoor alarm
The Mobeye Outdoor alarm is flexible and suitable for outdoor areas and places where other motion detectors are sensitive to false alarms. With the Mobeye alarm, intruders are caught in an early stage. For construction sites, farms, the driveway, the garden, farms, halls, etc. Explore the Mobeye Outdoor alarm.

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