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Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog

Logging, Alarming and Reporting

Monitoring of analogue values. The CM-Guard Twinlog measures and stores analog values such as battery voltage. The compact unit is easy to program and install. It can work completely independently, thanks to the internal batteries and GSM module. For analogue values minimum and / or maximum limits can be set. Upon reaching the limit, the selected contacts will receive an SMS alarm notification and / or call. The text states the current value.

To log the analogue values, first register the CML2055 in the Mobeye Internet Portal. With a self-selected frequency the values are logged and stored in the internal memory. For the data transfer to the Mobeye Internet Portal a self-defined data transfer interval can be set.


The unit is extremely efficient in energy use. It can work with battery power or external power supply. If powered externally, you can opt for the low power mode (GSM module is in power save mode and only switches on to report or sync data) or to the mode, so that the GSM is always open and the unit can be approached remotely.

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