Use your Mobeye device stand-alone or in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal for more functionality, and (even more) user friendliness

Mobeye devices are meant to increase the security for people, buildings, machinery and valuables. As an option, all Mobeye products can be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal. In this way you optimize the product functionality, user friendliness and reliability. And by using the Mobeye M2M SIM card in combination with the Internet portal, and thus using a roaming multi-provider low cost SIM we guarantee an outstanding security.


Find out what functions the portal adds to your device.

- Mobeye Internet Portal for Mobeye i110
- Mobeye Internet Portal for Mobeye Argos
- Mobeye Internet Portal for Mobeye Outdoor Alarm CMVXI-R
- Mobeye Internet Portal for Mobeye CM-Products (CM2000, CM2100, CM2200, CM2300(FS), CM2400, CM2500)
- Mobeye Internet Portal for Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog, CML-Products (CML2055, CML2255, CML2275, CML2285)
- Mobeye Internet Portal for Mobeye Call-Key, GSM door opener

What if no SIM card was included in your box

AskSIMMobeye devices are prepared for stand-alone use and for use in combination with the IoT Internet Portal. It is your choice. Usually the Mobeye SIM card is already supplied in the packaging box and you only need to activate it online. If this is not the case, request us to send you the Mobeye SIM card. The flat fee is lower than a regular SIM contract! The costs will be charged after a succesful registration in the portal.

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