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Mobeye GSM Smoke Detector CM2400

with siren and GSM alarm

The Mobeye GSM Smoke Detector combines a high quality EI Electronics smoke detector with a very low power Mobeye GSM alarm module. In this way the GSM Smoke Detector can detect smoke anywhere, without additional cables or telephone lines. The smoke detector is tested to the highest requirements. The GSM Smoke Detector is entirely self-supporting with a built-in GSM module. Thanks to the Mobeye low power GSM technology the smoke detector will on one set of batteries for a year. The CM2400 warns for smoke with a local siren and with a GSM report to the self-chosen telephone numbers.

The smoke alarm message will be sent by the integrated GSM module as an SMS text alert and/or call, to a maximum of 5 telephone numbers. If the unit is connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal the message can be forwarded to many more numbers including e-mail. The CM2400 is also able to send test messages ("keep alive"). As soon as the batteries need replacement, a notification is sent.

- Battery life >1 year (2x CR123) at 1 (test)report per day
- Environment temperature: 0 ... +40 C
- Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 950/1900 MHz
- Programming: via SMS or internet portal

Examples of applications: buildings, storage locations, sheds, server rooms, holiday houses, campers, boats, etc.

Mobeye Internet Portal & SIM service
Mobeye Internet PortalThe Mobeye CM2400 can be used with a regular SIM card. Optional connection to the Mobeye Internet Portal, using a Mobeye SIM card, offers many more features, such as programming via internet. The portal distinguishes between alarm messages and technical reports. The contacts receive messages per call, SMS and / or email. The "keep-alive' monitor provides additional security by monitoring test reports. If the test message are not sent in time, the (technical) contacts receive a warning message from the portal. The Mobeye SIM card is a flat fee SIM card, not dependent on one provider, which increases the reliability.

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