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CM2100 Mobeye PowerGuard: a complete GSM power failure detector in compact size

The Mobeye PowerGuard is strong in simplicity and functionality. This GSM messenger sends an alert in case of power failure by telephone call and SMS text message.

A maximum of five numbers can be programmed in the ''Voice and SMS messenger'. Power failure can be monitored by plugging the supplied net adapter in the main socket. It is also possible to connect any 12VDC power supply to the power input. As soon as the power fails or the power is restored, an alert message is sent.

A GSM controle unit that can't be missed in case the power supply is important!

The Mobeye PowerGuard has two additional inputs. Devices or external sensors can be connected to these. In this way several situations can be controlled like the working of a machine or the activation of sensors. The sensors are 'normally open' or 'normally closed' contacts, suitable for any dry contact like (door/window) magnet contacts, a water floater, a switch contact , etc.

The Mobeye PowerGuard as power outage logger

The Mobeye PowerGuard reports on power failure and on power restoration. In this way you have the exact times of the power being away. If you need a power logger report, we advise to register the Mobeye PowerGuard in Mobeye Internet Portal for a complete history report. This report can be downloaded as .Excel or csv file.

Several settings can be configured in an easy wa via SMS text messages. User options are alarm delays, inactive times after an alarm, repeating alarm times, 'keep alive' messages, free texts, etc.

The user needs to enter a SIM card of any provider; Mobeye advises to use a 'contract' SIM card. A pre-paid works from technical piont of view, but the user needs to keep an eye on the value.


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