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CM2600 Mobeye ShipGuard, the complete boat monitoring system

No surprises on board: the Mobeye ShipGuard protects your boat against the major risks, even if you are not present. The Mobeye ShipGuard sends alerts to your phone and informs you about the status of your boat. If no mains power is available it will run independently, using its internal batteries.

The Mobeye ShipGuard keeps you informed if:
• upper and/or lower voltage limits of the battery are exceeded
• (bilge) water is detected
• upper and/or lower temperature limits are exceeded
• (shore) power fails

Using its output external devices can be controlled. Driving to your boat, you can already switch on the fridge, heater or airco by simply calling the Mobeye ShipGuard. An additional input can be used for a senor or failure signal, for instance if your water pump was activated. 

The Mobeye ShipGuard consists of a base unit, external temperature sensor, water sensor, a (230 VDC) adapter and batteries. You can use a SIM card of any povider. The set-up is easy and is done in just a few steps.

Mobeye ShipGuard
• GSM module (quad band)
• 2 * CR123 batteries
• 1 * 12VDC input (shore power)
• 1 * input temperature sensor
• 1 * input leakage sensor
• 2 * input battery voltage or NO/NC contact
• 1 * output (open collector)

• based unit
• temperature rsensor
• leakage sensor
• 12VDC 500 mA adapter
• 2* CR123 batteries

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