CM2300 Mobeye WaterGuard: the all-in-one GSM water detector

The Mobeye WaterGuard is a battery-operated GSM water detector. This GSM messenger can function autonomously by the built-in GSM module and batteries. The water sensor detects water and sends an alert to the preset telephone numbers. The GSM module sends an SMS text message, followed by a call (in order to be sure the message was not missed). A maximum of 5 numbers can be preset.

The Mobeye WaterGuard is available in two versions:
- CM2300: Mobeye WaterGuard with leakage sensor
- CM2300-FS: Mobeye WaterGuard with float sensor

The leakage sensor is a Mobeye developed water sensor. The pins make an electrical circuit as soon as they contact any water based liquid. The leakage sensor has - as the entire Mobeye WaterGuard - an extreme low power consumption and is fed by the same set of batteries as the Mobeye WaterGuard.
The float sensor is a sensor that is closed by the water. This sensor needs to be installed at the height where the water alarm should be evoked.

Besides the water sensor another two (in case of the leakage sensor) or one (in case of the float sensor) external sensors can be connected to the input(s); the input(s) can be set as ''Normally Closed' or 'Normally Open'. Any dry contact (make/break) is suitable.

Although the Mobeye WaterGuard has been developed for an extreme low power consumption and functions more than a year on a set of batteries, it is possible to use an external power supply. Via a (regulated 500mA) net adapter the module can be fed by the main net. Upon power failure the batteries take over its functioning. A power failure alarm could be sent by SMS message as well.

The Mobeye WaterGuard prevents costly water damage!

The user places a SIM card of any telecom provider in the integrated GSM module. Mobeye advises to use a 'contract card'. Pre-paid cards are accepted as well, but the user needs to be alert for the credit and validity.

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