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GSM temperature detector
with thermostat function

datasheet Mobeye MS200

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MS200 GSM Temperature Detector with thermostat function

The Mobeye GSM Temperature Detector enables the user to receive reports on temperature deviations and to have actions executed directly.
Thus the unit may be used as a temperature detector and as a thermostat.
The Mobeye GSM Temperature Detector measures the temperature and compares it with the programmed value. The user may adjust the temperature limits himself and indicate the detectors' reactions on limit transgressions.

The Mobeye MS200 is a powered GSM temperature detector + battery back-up.

Possible actions:
- temperature alarm reports by SMS or telephone call
- repeat reports after personally selected period
- reinstatement reports by SMS and/or call
- switching of the output relays on alarm (on/off or time period)
- switching of the output relays at a distance by call or SMS
- switching of the output relays on reinstatement report (on/off or time period)
- test reports on selected frequency
- power failure alarm
- programming at a distance

The reports can be transmitted to selected telephone numbers.

- dimensions: 90 x 145 x 45 mm
- battery life > 2 year (4x CR123)
- environment temperature -10 C... +55 C
- 2 output relays
- Quad band EGSM 900/1800- 950/l900 MHz

Programming: via SMS or keypad
Operation: via keypad

Examples of applications:
- cold storage buildings / freezers
- horticulture
- server rooms
- holiday houses, campers and caravans
- boats
- etc.

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