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CML2275 Mobeye ThermoGuard-TwinLog

Logging, alarming and reporting for the industry

The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog, CML2275, is a solid and compact unit for monitoring temperatures in industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, and other professional environments. With a track record in the monitoring of vaccines and industrial cold chambers, and winner of the ETOP Award 2015,the Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLogs provide reliable and cost-effective temperature monitoring.

When the measured temperature falls outside the limits, the ThermoGuard TwinLog instantly sends alarms. In addition it can log all measured values and send it to the (optional) web portal.

The CML2275 has an integrated GSM module and is designed to work battery powered for a long time. On external power supply, the CML2275 also works as a power failure alarm.

Mobeye Internet Portal


The CML2275 only needs a SIM card for operation. A Mobeye SIM card and registration in the Internet portal, provides the user additional functionality. The temperature values can be logged with a chosen frequency and transmitted with an adjustable sync interval to the web-based portal. Alarm messages can lead to phone calls, SMS and / or email to be sent to contacts. There may be a distinction between contacts who will receive alarm messages and contacts that will receive 'technical' messages, such as low battery voltage. The portal supervises if the test reports come in due time. If communication fails, the technical contact will be notified.

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