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CML2255 Mobeye ThermoGuard-TwinLog

Log, alarm and report

CML2255-2T The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog is a compact remote monitoring unit for reporting and logging of temperature values.

When user-defined minimum and/or maximum temperatures are violated, the ThermoGuard TwinLog will immediately send alarm notifications. The measured values can be logged and viewed in the (optional) web-based portal.

The CML2255 has an integrated GSM module and is designed to run on batteries. When powered by an externally source, it also serves as a power failure alarm.

Mobeye Internet Portal


After inserting a SIM card and a simple set-up, the CML2255 is ready for sending alarm notifications. Equipped with a Mobeye SIM card and registered in the Internet Portal, more functions are available. Temperature values can be logged with a chosen frequency and transmitted with an adjustable sync interval to the web-based portal. There are several settings possible concerning the alarms messages. Alarms can be send via phone call, SMS or e-mail. It’s also possible to choose who will get the more technical messages such as low battery voltage. Additionally, the portal monitors the keep alive messages. If the communication fails, a message will be send to the right contacts.

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