CM2000 Mobeye CM-Guard: a powerful GSM alarm module

Battery operated or externally powered

The Mobeye CM-Guard is a versatile GSM alarming unit appropriate for many applications. Upon an alarm situation the CM-Guard will send alarm messages to the set contact persons.

The GSM communicator is able to run on batteries independent on any power source. It can be connected to external power as well. The two inputs can be connected to external detectors. Each dry contact sensor ('normally open' or 'normally closed') can be applied. In an easy way the input type can be programmed by SMS text messages or via the Mobeye Internet Portal. As soon as an input is activated, the GSM dialler sends an alert via telephone call and an SMS text message (and e-mail).

Several options make the module powerful, keeping an eye on user friendliness. It is possible to program in an alarm delay time, inactive time after an alarm, frequency for test messages, etc. A maximum of five telephone number can be programmed as contact persons.

Although the Mobeye CM-Guard is developed for an extreme low power consumption and for running on a set of batteries for more than a year, the module can be connected to an external power source. Via a (regulated 500mA) plug adapter the module can use the mains. Upon power failure the back-up batteries take over the functionality albeit in low power mode to save the batteries. It is still possible to receive power failure SMS text messages after the power failure (and power restore messages).

The Mobeye CM-Guard is a versatile GSM alarm module. This GSM alarm dialler secures doors with a magnet contact, monitors the functioning of devices via a switch, water via a float sensor, power via a mains power supply unit, etc. Applicable at any place, anywhere, running on batteries or on external power.

For the communication a SIM card must be placed in the device. We advise you to use the Mobeye SIM card in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal, which offers extra options and user-friendliness. The Mobeye SIM card is usually included in the box, and you can activate it online. The costs are lower than a normal subscription and with normal use it is a flat fee amount. Find out more about the Mobeye Internet Portal and Mobeye SIM service here. Alternatively you can place your own SIM card, which still makes your device able to call and / or send text messages in the event of an alarm.

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