Protect your plants against frost damage

In springtime fruit growers need to prevent orchards and vineyards from serious frost damage. By switching on irrigations systems and wind machines a water layer protects the blossom against frost.

CM2200_LRThe Mobeye Night frost alarm ThermoGuard CM2200X provides continuous monitoring of temperatures and warns the farmer at the moment the temperature gets too low. This battery-powered GSM alarm system in an outdoor IP67 enclosure calls and / or texts to self-defined telephone numbers, once the temperature gets below the critical limit.


Night Frost temperature alarm Mobeye CM2200X
A temperature sensor, alarm via call / SMS if the measured temperature reaches the set (min or max) value.
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CML2275 Mobeye ThermoGuard-TwinLog
Two temperature sensors possible. Alarm via call and or text message to inform about a temperature alarm. Each sensor can have its own alarm limit. Next to the alarm the CML2275 is able to log temperature values in an internet application. You can see the logged values in the online application, as graph and table.
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