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Mobeye Argos:

Mobeye Internet Portal

Choose for comfort and use the Mobeye alarm system stand-alone or in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal
The all-in-one GSM alarm system sends alarm messages to the set contact persons.
The Mobeye alarm system can also be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal. For a reasonable fee you have a SIM card, flat fee and a management tool for your Mobeye devices.

Choice 1: the Mobeye alarm system stand-alone

  • Works with a SIM card of any network operator, which you arrange yourself.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system calls and/or sends SMS alerts to the set telephone numbers.
  • At low battery voltage, the telephone number at the first position receives a warning SMS alert.
  • The alarm system can send SMS 'test messages' periodically, to the telephone number at the first position.
  • Choice 2: link to the Mobeye Internet Portal
    Register the all-in-one GSM alarm system -using a Mobeye SIM card- to the internet portal. This gives numerous options:

  • A SIM card that always chooses the best network available (provider independent); flat-fee costs.
  • Management of identification and location via the portal.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system instantly calls the (max. 5) set telephone numbers . The message is sent to the portal as well; the portal matches the identification and locations and dispatches the message to the 'alarm' contact persons as SMS text message and/or e-mail.
  • Periodically the Mobeye alarm system sends test messages (‘keep alive’) to the portal. If these do not come on time, a 'warning' SMS and/or e-mail is sent to the 'technical' contact persons.
  • At low battery voltage, a 'warning' SMS and/or e-mail is sent to the 'technical' contact persons.
  • The portal shows the settings and historical data.
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