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Mobeye Argos:

battery powered or external power supply

The Mobeye Argos can run independently using its own batteries. As option, an external power supply can be used.

Battery operated
Mobeye products are designed to operate at an extreme low power consumption. Even at a daily alarm or test report, the battery life time is over a year. The applied batteries are ‘standard’ CR123 batteries (standard for alarm systems and cameras). As soon as the batteries need replacement, an SMS text message is sent to the telephone number programmed at the first position. The Mobeye Argos is very suited for places lacking power supply, like storage locations, sheds, boats, mobile homes, etc.

External power supply and power failure alarm
The Mobeye Argos can function on the mains or any other external power supply. Upon power failure the unit sends an alert. After sending the power failure messages (SMS text and/or call) the GSM dialer goes to the ‘low power’ mode. The Mobeye Argos continues running on batteries. As soon as the power is restored, a 'power restored' SMS message is sent.
By using the external power, several functions can be activated remotely by SMS text messages: switching on and off (remote arm/disarm), configuring, asking the status and switching the outputs of the device.

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