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Mobeye Argos: inputs for additional sensors, outputs for control of devices

Inputs for additional sensors
It is possible to connect external wired sensors to the two alarm inputs. As soon as an input is activated, the Mobeye Argos sends an alarm notification to the preset telephone numbers. The options for the settings are alarm delay times, alarm repeat frequency, self-defined alarm texts per inputs, etc. It is also possible to disable the internal PIR sensor and just use external sensors. The additional inputs let you connect door/window contacts, a water float sensor, PIR sensor (Mobeye supplies a lower power battery operated PIR) or any other ‘normally open’ or ‘normally closed’ sensor.

Outputs to control devices
The Mobeye Argos has two relays outputs. One of these is configured as siren output. An external (self powered) siren can be connected to let is sound even louder. This output is only enabled if the siren is set to ‘loud’. The siren will sound during two minutes. The other output can be used to control any other device. It can be switched automatically after an alarm, at arming or disarming, or – if external power is used- remote via a simple SMS command. The maximum load is 2A/30V per output.

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Mobeye Argos-R


look at datasheet low power PIR