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Mobeye Argos: operation via the keypad, time-based or remote

Arming when leaving
You arm the Mobeye Argos intruder alarm by entering your code, followed by “OK”. Now you have one minute to leave. A beep sounds to indicate the exit time. In the settings this beep can be disabled.

Disarming when entering
Any person that enters the location will be detected by the PIR movement sensor. The entry time can be set between 15 seconds and 1 minute. During the entry time the system can be disarmed by entering the code, followed by “OK”. The user can chose between a loud or silent entry indication, or just a small LED lamp as indication.

Installation and user code
The Mobeye Argos has a user and an installations code. The user code is only used for arming and disarming. The installation code can be used for arming, disarming and programming the Mobeye Argos. Disarming needs to be done with the same code as was used for arming.

Time-based arming and disarming
It is possible to automatically arm and/or disarm the system, based on scheduled times. This is based on the internal clock time (which can be set). This can be very practical in situations where the system should be armed during night time..

Remote arming and disarming
If external power is used, the Mobeye Argos can be switched on and off from remote. Please refer to the information about additional possibilities when using external power.

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- Mobeye Argos all-in-one alarm system
- 4 * CR123 batteries
- manual
- door/window sticker
- short user codes