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Mobeye Argos configuration:

via the keyad or via SMS command

The Mobeye Argos has many options for settings, which can be easily configured to your liking. This can be done by using the keypad or sending simple SMS command.

Possible settings
See the web page for the list of possible settings.

Configuration via keypad
The settings can be simply entered via the keypad. First you enter the installation code followed by ‘menu’. Next you enter the menu function you want to change. After confirming the choice with ‘ok’, you choose the new settings, which you conform with another ‘ok’.
An example is to enable the siren. This is done by 1111 (factory code) - ‘menu’ – 08 (menu function) – ‘ok’- 01 (loud siren) – ‘ok’

Configuration via SMS command
If the Mobeye Argos runs on an external power supply or the unit is in program mode, the settings can be changed by simple SMS-commands. You send an SMS to the telephone number of the SIM card that is in the Mobeye Argos.
An example is to enable the siren. Next command needs to be sent to the Mobeye Argos:

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