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Mobeye Argos intruder Alarm:

alarm alert, confirmation of alarm and listen-in

The Mobeye Argos prevents intrusion, or notices it in an early stage. The motion sensor detects movements and the GSM dialer sends an alarm to self-chosen telephone numbers. The siren discourages the intruder. As an alternative the Mobeye Argos can remain silent during the alarm, so that the intruder can be caught in the act.

The integrated movement sensor is a passive infrared sensor (PIR). As soon as it detects a movement, the entry time will start to count down(loud or silent). If the Mobeye Argos is not disarmed within this period, the set telephone number (max. 5) receives an alarm message.

The Mobeye Argos sends an 'alarm'-SMS text message to all set numbers and subsequently phones them. When a receiver takes the call and presses the ‘9’ on his phone, the listen-in connection will be activated. The receiver can listen-in to what is happening (alarm verification) and simultaneously confirm the alarm. If the receiver presses “1”, he just confirms the alarm, so the other numbers are not dialed. If the receiver does not pick up the phone, or does not press “1” or “9”, the Mobeye Argos will dial the next alarm number.

Even if intruders try to jam the alarm system, the Mobeye Argos will notice this. As soon as possible, the Mobeye Argos will send an alarm message about the intrusion and the jamming.

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