Mobeye Smart Solutions

Mobeye i110 and Mobeye Argos

i110The Mobeye i110 and Mobeye Argos allow you to provide any space with a reliable and easy-to-use GSM alarm system. Battery-operated, with an integrated GSM module, no installation work required.
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Protect your valuable property at any moment

  • Case study: Safety
  • Case study: Construction
  • Case study: Storage
  • Case study: Industry
  • Case study: At home
  • Case study: Recreation
  • Case study: Maritime
  • Case study: Surveillance

To measure and notify with Mobeye

With GSM and Longe Range based telemetry solutions we take new steps in the domain of wireless communication. With standard and made-to-measure solutions. Mobeye has in-house know-how at its disposal to arrive at tailored products in cooperation with you.
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