Reporting to a private alarm center (PAC)

Reporting by your alarm system to a private alarm receiving center (ARC) can be realized easily and at low costs. If you arrange the contract with the PAC yourself, the Mobeye communication module will establish the link between the alarm system and the ARC in no time.

Do you already have an alarm system with sensors and an alarm output? Then the Mobeye CM2000 is the suitable interface module. You only need to link the alarm output of the existing system to one of the (potential-free) alarm inputs of the CM2000. The messages will then be forwarded to the ARC via the built-in GSM communication module. The only requirement is a Mobeye CM2000, a Mobeye SIM card (à € 4 / month) and your ARC contract.

Mobeye will help you with the ARC setup. A report can be defined as any alarm, such as a burglar alarm. Power outages and power recovery are also passed on. In addition, the daily test report (keep alive) will go to the ARC. If the (alarm) message concerns another message, such as a fire alarm or water detection, this can be set in such a way. Mobeye will choose the right design with you, so that the ARC will interpret it properly.

Multiple zones

Do you have multiple GSM detectors within a building? The detectors can then be set up as separate zones on one control room subscription, so as a single client number. Very economical, efficient and safe.

Background information about the transfer to the ARC

The Mobeye ARC Service forwards alarm and test messages directly to a private monitoring center. This is done via the standardized SIA DC09 protocol. For this purpose, the GSM communicator is connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal with the Mobeye SIM card. The transfer is primarily via IP, with SMS as a fallback procedure for extra security. The user is responsible to take out an ARC subscription. When using multiple GSM modules in a building, these can be arranged as separate zones under one client number. Mobeye will help with the correct ARC settings. In addition to ARC reporting, the portal offers more options, such as online programming via and the (parallel) receipt of alarm messages. The SIM card is a roaming M2M SIM that can connect to almost all providers.

Burglary, fire, water

Every Mobeye product can pass on notifications to an ARC, possibly even in addition to notifications to its own contacts. The all-in-one alarm systems Mobeye i110, Argos and Outdoor Alarm will report burglary and the Mobeye CM2400 smoke detector a fire notification. Ask Mobeye for the most suitable product for your situation.