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Alarm for the construction site

Unfortunately it happens often: theft in building. Not only building materials are stolen, also newly placed central heating boilers, kitchens and bath room parts. A lot of money is involved and delivery dates may not be kept. For a safe building location Mobeye offers appropriate solutions.
The GSM all-in one alarm system guards spaces against intruders. On a burglary report the GSM passes the messages on. On the spot there is the option for a loud or a silent alarm, depending on your wish to frighten the burglars or to catch them in the act. The system is ideal to secure the building location, the site or the house under construction.
To prevent water damage on the building site, you place the GSM water detector. It reports water or other fluids at once.
Because Mobeye products are so easy to use and are applicable anywhere and directly, they are eminently appropriate as a building alarm.

  • Case study: Construction