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Mobeye in your residence environment

Simple and efficient security. Simple installation, easy operation. That is typical for Mobeye products. Whether it concerns burglary prevention of your home or shed or a GSM report on fire or water detection. Mobeye products are focused on having you live a more pleasant life. The Mobeye all-in-one alarm system is suitable for the home also. It has one motion detector and cannot replace the elaborate systems with many detectors. It is rightly suitable as quick security, easy to put down in the living room or shed. As a temporary security of the home, during holidays or during wedding- and mourning ceremonies.
Apart from the standard products it is possible to build your own measurement-, report- and regulation system. The XM2 generic GSM modules form the basis. You yourself define what triggers serve as input. With 'events' you define the actions, either alarm reports or adjustments of apparatuses. The versatility of the XM2 modules enables you to arrive at any wanted effect. What else does a person want?

  • Case study: At home