A shed behind the business

Peter Dintel has his own business. A good-sized shed where he overhauls machinery. At a distance of 500 meters he has leased another storage shed. There are the tools and stock he does not require often. For security he has placed a Mobeye all-in-one alarm system. And for a good reason...
The Mobeye acted perfectly. ‘Past Thursday in full daylight a burglary was committed in a shed where some articles were stored temporarily. As our business is at a distance of about 500 meters I could catch the culprits in the act. Stupid that I only drove to them and got out of the car to talk to them, because they snatched away my telephone when I wanted to call the police. Then they fled, but they have been able to steal two pairs of safety shoes only. They had not thought that there would be an alarm in a remote shed!’ Peter will not quickly go to a report alone again, but he is saved from a considerable theft.

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