Boat safely in port

'When I was seven, I got my first Optimist. Later I got a Laser and later again I went sailing in a small Beneteau.' Meanwhile Jacob Vanholt sails with his family in a spacious Dehler 5. 'For a long time past I have a safe feeling in ports, but unfortunately the stories are different. With all apparatuses I have on board, I still want to ensure that nothing happens.' Jacob did not want a complex system that requires a lot of installation work as long as it was effective and free of false alarms. ‘The Mobeye all-in-one system is ideal for me. You just put it down. No installation and above all: I am independent of shore current. I have not had to confront intruders but I go to my boat in full confidence.´

Ship owners had to contend with vagabonds

A small ship owners’ firm in Amsterdam used two Mobeye alarm systems for years to full satisfaction. ´We were always troubled by vagrants and tramps on our boats. They did not steal much but they were a nuisance and caused damage´, according to the employer (Unternehmer). We have been able to remove six people from our boats this year thanks to the Mobeye alarm report.

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