We hope to inspire people to find useful applications. This page lists some examples. We realise that it is not complete at all...

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Mobeye applications fields

It is practically impossible to list all Mobeye applications, as Mobeye products are very flexible and can literally be used ‘anywhere, anytime’.
We are always pleased to hear stories from customers about the innovative ways they use their Mobeye product to tackle specific problems. To inspire others, we have listed some of these applications below.

Intruder systems (Mobeye i110, Mobeye Argos and Mobeye Outdoor Alarm)

• Used by police for temporary use after an intrusion or for investigation
• Used by surveillance companies for temporary security or for small objects
• Used by security installers who want to offer a temporary alarm
• Used by SME companies to guard storage locations or a part of the office
• Used by construction sites to guard stored materials, or the entire area
• Used by contractors to watch over their terrain and vehicles at night time
• Used by individuals for guarding the garage or storage box
• Used by individuals for their (holiday) home, boat, camper or mobile home

Temperature alarm & monitoring systems (CM2200, CML2255, CML2275, CML2285)

• Used by pharmacists to monitor the temperature of medicines
• Used by industrial companies to monitor cold storage and heated rooms
• Used by agrarians as a temperature alarm to prevent frost damage to flower buds
• Used by restaurant owners to monitor the temperature of the fridge
• Used by SME companies to monitor the AC in the server room
• Used by police to watch over their dogs in police cars
• Used by sports and hobby clubs to check the fridge after a bar duty
• Used by individuals to check the heater in their holiday house

Water detection systems (Mobeye WaterGuard CM2300, CM2300FS or MS300)

• Used on construction sites to check the pump system
• Used by archivists who want to keep the museum collection dry
• Used by boat owners because the water should remain outside the boat
• Used by individuals who need to check the water drainage installation
• Used by house owners who want to be sure the cellar stays dry

GSM smoke and heat detectors (CM2400, CM2410)

• Used by insurance companies as a quick and sometimes temporary fire alert system
• Used by fire brigades to help vulnerable people
• Used by care institutions that have a responsibility towards their clients
• Used by architects and contractors who prefer a wireless solution
• Used by people who want to protect their independently living parents

Alarm dialers (Mobeye CM-Guard CM2000)

• Used by security installers who want an affordable and reliable alarm dialler for an intruder alarm system
• Used Used by system integrators who need an alarm communication module for their sensors
• Used by gatekeepers who need to know if a door, box or gate was opened
• Used by industrials who want to be informed on machine failures
• Used by agrarians who want to be informed when the sprinkler system has reached the end of the field

Power failure alarm system (Mobeye PowerGuard CM2100)

•Used by airports, industries, ICT companies and many others to get informed about a decisive power outage
• Used by security people who know that copper theft starts with shutting down the mains power
• Used by banks that want to be informed when their ATM systems fail
• Used by so many people for whom the availability of power is important

GSM Door Opener (Mobeye Call-Key MCK100)

• Used by rental companies that need to authorise entry on a temporary basis
• Used by SME companies and clubs that need to open doors for suppliers
• Used as gate opener for terrains
• Used as back-up for door entry system when the main system is not 100% trustworthy
• Used to grant access to renters or in buildings that are used by several people

Analogue input alarm module (CML2055)

• Used to monitor the battery voltage of aggregates or as back-up of the back-up system
• Used by rental companies that want to monitor the usage of their equipment and its batteries
• Used by boat owners who want to be sure that the boat battery will work on their well-deserved day off
• Used by clever battery owners who know that batteries become useless when drained too much

Telemetry systems (MS100E, MS100EK, MS100B, MS100BK)

• For sluice administrators who need to be able to control the water level
• For industrials who want to control their systems from remote
• For agrarians who want to shut down the water pump of their irrigation system
• For cooling specialists that want to be sure that the ventilator still works
• For boat owners who want to activate the bilge pump, to prevent their boat from sinking
• For car and boat owners who want to block or release the starter engine
• For systems integrators who want to make their own action and reaction patterns with sensors and devices

This was just a set of the reported applications and we hope that Mobeye products will help you to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings.