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Product list
- Mobeye Product List

- Mobeye i110 - all-in one alarm system
- Mobeye Argos - most complete all-in one alarm system
- Mobeye i110 and Argos - functions and differences

Alarm dialer - I/O units alarm & telemetry
- CM2000 Mobeye CM-Guard
- MS100 series Mobeye GSM Measure, Control and Alarm module

Analogue alarm & logging
- CML2055 Mobeye CM-Guard-TwinLog
- CML2015 Mobeye SISTM (standard industrial sensors)
- CML2025 Mobeye SISTM (standard industrial sensors for DIN rail)

Power failure alarm
- CM2100 Mobeye PowerGuard

Temperature alarm & logging
- CM2200 Mobeye ThermoGuard
- CML2255 Mobeye ThermoGuard-TwinLog
- CML2275 Mobeye ThermoGuard-TwinLog (industrial)
- CML2285 Mobeye ThermoGuard-TwinLog (industrial incl. keypad)
- MS200 Mobeye GSM Temperature Detector

Water alarm
- CM2300 Mobeye WaterGuard
- CM2300FS Mobeye WaterGuard-Float sensor
- MS300 Mobeye GSM Water Detector
- CM2600 Mobeye ShipGuard

Panic & smoke alarm
- CM2400 Mobeye GSM Smoke Detector
- CM2500 Mobeye Panic Button

Access Control
- Mobeye Call-Key GSM door opener

Telemetry modules
- CM21
- XM2 / XM2-LP

- Mobeye AC-MPIR-LP1 - Mobeye low power movement sensor (MPIR)
- Mobeye AC-WS-FS1 - Water float sensor
- Mobeye AC-TS-E1 and AC-TS-E2 - Temperature sensor

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