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CM2410 smoke
CM2410 accessory for Ei smoke and heat detectors

CM2410 in a network

Mobeye GSM Fire Alarm Communicator

The Mobeye GSM communicator CM2410 is the appropriate module for several Ei Electronics smoke and heat detectors. The combination enables that detection of smoke or overheating results in the sound of a local siren and a notification by GSM to the self-defined contact persons, without the need for additional cables or telephone lines. Due to the low power design the GSM communicator runs on a set of batteries for more than a year. The Mobeye GSM Smoke Detector combines the EI Electronics Ei605TYC smoke detector and the Mobeye GSM fire communicator CM2410.

The integrated GSM module will send a smoke alarm message as a SMS text and/or call, to up to 5 telephone numbers. Connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal, the message can be forwarded to more numbers and it is possible to alert via e-mail. The CM2400 can be programmed to send test messages ("keep alive"). Notification of the need for batteries replacement is automatically sent.

Accessory for Ei Electronics smoke and heat detectors
The CM2410 can be combined with the Ei605C and Ei605TYC smoke detectors and the Ei603C and Ei603TYC heat detectors. Equipped with the CM2410 these detectors can be used standalone or interconnected with other detectors in a cabled or wireless network, while only one is equipped with the GSM module. The other detectors in the network can be any detector in the 600- and 650-series, including the Ei650C. When the CM2410 will be applied as stand-alone unit, without other detectors in a network, it can also be combined with the Ei650C, Ei650iC, Ei650W or Ei650iW.

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