The Mobeye Call-Key was awarded a place in the SME Innovation Top 100 2013.

Mobeye Call-Key: GSM door opener

To open doors and never loose the key ...

Authorised people can open the door by simply calling the door lock. By automatic number recognition the GSM unit checks whether the lock may be opened. The phone call itself is not answered, so there are no call costs to the user. The Mobeye Call-Key only needs a SIM card and to be in direct connection to the electric door lock. The administrator does not need to be present and can remotely authorise or delete phone numbers.

The Mobeye Call-Key can operate as stand-alone unit. Just insert a SIM card of any telecom provider. 24/7 authorisations can be programmed by simple SMS commands.

Mobeye Internet Portal
Mobeye Access Control can also communicate with the Mobeye Internet Portal.
The Mobeye Call-Key has extensive capabilities once being registered in the Mobeye Internet Portal and using the Mobeye SIM card services. The administrator maintains his own list of authorised persons in the password protected and secured internet area.

For each person a time window (day, time or period) can be entered for limited access or a 24/7 authorisation can be granted. The Mobeye Internet Portal allows the administrator to view historical data (who opened the door and at what moment).

The Call-Key uses the GSM network to communicate to the web server. No internet access is required on the spot!

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