Mobeye News

01-12-2016 Mobeye used by police
In more than 50 municipalities Mobeye alarm systems are used by the police and the municipality. And not without merit, because besides the fact that residents get a piece of security by the mobile alarm system and they feel secure by the resolute police reaction, we get also regular reports of success stories. See here one of the promotion films by police (in Dutch).

24-08-2016 Security Essen
From September 27th to 29th the world's most important trade fair for security and fire prevention takes place in Essen, Germany. We invite you to visit the Mobeye stand. We are located in the main Hal 2, C01.

16-05-2016 Mobeye for empty property: publication in Spotlight
The English magazine for landlords, Spotlight, published an interesting article about security for vacant property.Click to read the article.

21-01-2016 Meet Mobeye at Climate Control Fair
From 2 to 7 February the VSK fair, with the focus on climate controle will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Mobeye will be presents its climate monitoring solutions and the SISTM range for Industrial sensors. Visit Mobeye in Hall 12, E060.

30-09-2015 Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog wins ETOP award
The temperatuur monitor Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog, CML2255, has won the ETOP Award 2015 in the category Utilites. This innovation price was awarded at the Exhibition 'Electro Technics'. According to the jury, the product 'is a very smart device. The combination of alarming and logging, not needing internet at the location itself, makes the device very flexible and useable for various applications.' The expert jury nominated three products after a selection. At the exhibition, the visitors voted for the final winner.

25-06-2015 Caught in the act in Zierikzee
Since the restaurant had been the victim of two recent burglaries, police place a Mobeye i110. The suspicion was that the perpetrator (s) would come back. Indeed, two days later they returned and were detected by the mobile alarm system. The door of the attached garage appeared to be open. Behind a stack of crates a man was hiding. In his backpack they found several bottles of liquor, he had burglar stuff and white powder on him. The mobile detector had thus proved its worth.

20-03-2015 Fair Elektrotechniek 2015
From 23 to 26 September the Electronics Fair will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Mobeye will be present in Hall 11.

18-03-2015 Competec Hausmesse 2015
At May 6 and 7 the Competec fair will take place in Willisau, Switserland. Mobeye will be present to present the newest products and activities.

15-03-2015 Police Hilversum are also using Mobeye alarm systems
Following many other municipalities, police Hilversum has also started projects to prevent against intrusions using the Mobeye i110 alarm system.Please look at the article (Dutch)

16-03-2015 The Mobeye ShipGuard is the ultimate boat guard
Spring is a busy time for boat owners and marine installers. Before the weather is really nice, all is made ready to sail. The Mobeye ShipGuard is built into many boats as the ultimate boat guard, for monitoring the battery voltage, water leakage, temperature, shore power and to control a device. We received some nice pictures (see right) where the ShipGuard is applied: in both inland waterway vessals and in recreation boats.

19-01-2015 Home Burglaries Team Zwolle receives Team Award
The Police Team Zwolle Home Burglaries realised a serious reduction of burglaries in 2014. Therefore, the team received the Team Award of the 'Foundation Recognition Police'. The members of the team work closely with various partners and are very inventive. The team several new methodologies to address the burglary wave. One of the methods was the use of the Mobeye mobile alarm systems, which temporarily protect homes that were potential targets. Read article.

01-11-2014 Fish passage at Loch Ness
In the past few weeks, a fishway is installed near Loch Ness in Scotland by CB Flevoland. The fish ladder is made up of four weirs, which are each provided with a Greenbox for mutual guidance. The water height of each weir is measured and aligned with the other dams. This means there is just enough water for the fish to make the crossing. The whole system is low power and is powered by solar energy. The (low power) measurement and control technology in the Greenbox is developed and produced by Mobeye.

12-09-2014 Security Essen
From 23 to 26 September the world's most important trade fair for security and fire prevention takes place in Essen, Germany. We invite you to visit the Mobeye stand. We are located at a central location in the main Hal 2, 2.417.

15-07-2014 Police and municipalities start summer offensive with Mobeye alarm system
With the headings "Mobeye helps the police to help to catch crooks" police Zeist inform residents how police is empowered to reduce the number of burglaries. The full article of Zeist

20-06-2014 Warm appreciation for Mobeye Argos in Dutch Royal Dutch Touring club “ANWB Camping and Caravan Magazine"
The Mobeye Argos was assessed as being a very good product by the ANWB Camping and Caravan Magazine. The ANWB praises the many opportunities and evaluates the device said the devices found them during a test that the device works fine. Click here for the full article.

11-06-2014 Mobeye for third time on the SME Innovation top 100 list
For the third consecutive year, Mobeye has obtained a spot on the SME Innovation top 100 list. This time the Mobeye Argos has been included in the prestigious list of the most innovative products in the Netherlands. The Greenbox by CB Flevoland also made the list. The Greenbox is a clever, low power, stand-alone weir control. This development has been realized in collaboration with Mobeye. Mobeye supplies vital elements for this innovative way of water management.

01-06-2014 Mobeye at television
An interview with Mobeye was broadcasted by RTL television. The entire interview can be viewed on here.

25-04-2014 Again burglars caught with Mobeye alarm
A Mobeye alarm that was placed in a house, led to the arrest of two burglars in Amersfoort. In a joint project of municilipaty and police the alarm systems were placed in risk objects. Alarm reports go to the poice directly. In this way the chance of being caught has considerably been increased.

20-12-2013 Market introduction Mobeye Argos
We proudly present the newest jewel in our product range: the Mobeye Argos.
The versatile Mobeye Argos alarm system is both a GSM intruder alarm system and a temperature guard for places lacking power supply, small facilities or temporary security. As 'big brother' of the Mobeye i110 the Mobeye Argos is same sized, more upscale and much more mature considering the functionality. And as you might expect, it is extremely user-friendly

12-12-2013 Dutch minister Ivo Opstelten receives i110
the 11 December initiative ‘1-day-not’ had the target to have zero incidents of burglary. Mayor Rabelink of Schouwen-Duiveland presented the Mobeye mobile alarm system to Ministry of Security and Justice minister Opstelten as effective method against intrusion. Look a the video in the Mobeye YouTube channel:

20-09-2013 Beurs Elektrotechniek
In a week the two-yearly event “Electro Exhibition”starts. Please expect mamy novelties in electrotechnical Solutions and security. Mobeye is present and wishes you a warm welcome in our booth in hall 9, D008, fair Utrecht. We invite you to get acknowledged with our newest products, technology and services in the field of GSM/GPRS alarm systems.

22-08-2013 Holiday message
Between 26 July and 2 August 2013 Mobeye is closed.

12-06-2013 Mobeye Call Key in SME Innovation Top 100
Mobeye’s smart GSM door opener, Mobeye Call-Key, which is able to remotely manage access via the internet, was awarded with 38th place in the SME InnovatieTop 100. This list of innovative products and services is produced yearly by an expert jury appointed by Syntens.

20-05-2013 Announcement SSA
From 4 to 6 June the SSA, Safety and Security, takes place in the RAI in Amsterdam. The suitcase full of new products is already there. The Mobeye tema is looking forward to bring you up to date on our innovations. For the past yera the Mobeye team has been hard working again to keep up the reputation of being one the most innovative companies in The Netherlands. SSA, Hall 1, stand 1.126.

03-04-2013 Animation videos Mobeye products
To familiarize even more people with the conveniences and the utility of Mobeye products, today we launched new animation videos. Watch them via the site or the Mobeye YouTube channel:

4-06-2012 Mobeye ThermoGuard in SME Innovation Top 100
This month the SME Innovation Top 100 was announced. For the seventh time this ranking of the the 100 best innovations by small-sized enterprises. The Mobeye ThermoGuard has been awarded a place in this ranking. The Mobeye ThermoGuard is a GSM temperature monitor, which entirely runs on batteries. It can also work through the wall outlet, and then monitors next to the temperature limits, also the power supply itself.

30-05-2012 Successful project at Singapore Airport
This month an ambitious project was completed at Changi Airport. After a lengthy tender process, the airport has chosen to place in AED cabinets with the "Mobeye inside 'XM2-LP solution. Around a 100 Automatic Defibrillators (AEDs) are placed. Once the boxes are opened, the medical staff gets informed. In a specially defined sequence, the battery-powered XM2 module informs the airport authorities and sends the messages to a data logger. In addition frequent it sends testing and battery status notifications.
A good result after a good cooperation between the local Singaporean performer and Mobeye.

25-01-2012 Police caught crook with Mobeye i110
Police have caught a copper thief while ingressing a shed in Voorhout. Since the shed had been target of burglars target before, police Hollands-Midden had laid the Mobeye all-in-one alarm system i110. Shortly thereafter, the burglars returned; this time he could no escape.

01-12-2011 Market introduction CM-range
With the introduction of the CM series Mobeye presents a very strong range of compact GSM modules. Each product in the series has its own function: Mobeye PowerGuard, Thermo Guard, Water Guard, and the generic alarm device CM-Guard. At the Electro Exhibition, the response was overwhelming.

25-09-2011 October 3rd to 7th: Electro Exhibition
The exhibition “Electrotechniek” presents multiple security exhibitors. Hall 7 focuses largely on the security industry. Not only because the electrical engineers wants to know much, but also because the fair is visited by an increasing number of security professionals.
Mobeye is present at this fair to inform you about our recent range extensions.

20-09-2011 Police pilot wrapped up successfully
Since early this year Mobeye cooperates with police Hollands-Midden, local municipalities and Security Monitoring Center in the "mobile alarm system 'project. Victims of burglary are given an all-in-one alarm Mobeye i110 to borrow for a month. It was found that this increases their sense of security, so soon after the incident and this encourages to improve the structural security measures. Currently, there are meetings with several police teams who want to work. Mobeye systems.

10-01-2011 Next week SSA in RAI
From 15-17 January the SSA takes place in the RAI, Amsterdam. Mobeye is present in Hall1 and invites you to visit the booth.

05-01-2011 Police uses Mobeye as intrusion prevention
Since early this year police Hollands-Midden and the municipalities Hillegom, Lisse, Katwijk, Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout Teylingen are using the Mobeye i110 in the joint 'mobile alarm' project. The aim of the project is to tackle the home burglaries in this area. After a burglary the victim is been given the GSM alarm system i110 temporarily. Should there be another attempt of burglary, the Mobeye reports this via the control room of SMC to the police. The aim of the project is to bring the feeling of safety back to victims and reduce the risk of repeat victimization. The project also encourages victims to take burglary prevention measures.

08-10-2010 Look back at Security Essen
After four days fair in Essen, Mobeye is very satisfied and looks back on a very well attended fair. In a good spot in Hall 9 at the Holland Pavilion, visitors from 31 different countries talked with the Mobeye team. At the same time, agreements were made with a large German wholesaler for German distribution.

20-11-2009 Caught in the act by Mobeye alarm system
Last night, at a construction site in Nijmegen the Mobeye i100 reported an alarm. The building contractor was instantly awake, "We were quickly at the scene and found an unknown van at the site. We directly warned the police and went to the construction site together with police. The police could arrest two burglars and fortunately we have all our stuff back, out of the van. Without Mobeye we would have lost our stuff."